Google searches, social media, and websites are the way patients research to find their dental and medical providers. Because of the vast amount of content on the internet, prime space on search engine results can be hard to attain. Getting high rankings in search engines can take a while. Paid ads are a great way to get your practice ranking at the top of the page to immediately bring new patients into your dental practice!

Digital marketing has gone a step further into paid advertisements. Sometimes in order to compete for that prime retail location on Google or Facebook, means paying for it.

How Paid Ads Work for Dental Marketing

Using paid ads as part of your dental marketing plan is a great way to quickly get in front of your target patients. Using this digital marketing strategy, dental practices pay to show their ads on a specific internet-based platform or network. This allows the dentist to increase brand awareness, reach more potential patients, and let them know more about the practice’s services.

With paid ads, you can specifically target your desired patient demographic! This allows you to seek out the patients you want rather than waiting for them to find you.

Paid advertisements can be shown on Google search results or on social media feeds. Once you choose your marketing platform, you can target specific patients through keywords, locations, demographics, and interests.

Facebook Ads for Dentists

The most common paid ads are pay-per-click or PPC ads. With PPC ads, you only pay the platform (such as Facebook or Google) when someone clicks your ad which shows up in their search results or news feed. The potential patient or user needs to search for your target keywords for the ad to appear.


Facebook ads are a type of PPC ad which allows you to place ads across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. The ads are customized and targeted toward your ideal patients based on their interests, pages they follow, their interactions, and locations. When users click on your ad, they are sent to your website where they can then learn more about you and be converted into a patient. 


Facebook ads are a great branding tool! They help get your practice’s name out among your local area. All Facebook users in your local target area and demographic will see your ad which can greatly increase brand awareness.


Many social media platforms use and offer PPC ads to advertise your dental practice on their marketing channels.

facebook ads for dentists
Google Ads for dentists in Charlotte
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Google Ads for Dentists

Google ads are a tried and true form of paid advertising. Previously called AdWords, Google ads are an effective marketing platform that allows you to advertise your dental practice right on Google! Imagine placing your ad on top of the most highly used search engine! With Med Rank Interactive’s team of digital marketing specialists, your ad will show up at the very top of Google and ahead of your competitors! This is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.


Google ads connect your keywords with the right people as part of a successful marketing practice. This is another pay-per-click platform which shows ads based on your bids, keywords, ad quality, and landing pages.

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