Grow Your Practice with Dental Intelligence

Grow Your Practice with Dental Intelligence

As you go through dental school, your dreams of opening your own dental practice probably don’t include the tiny, yet crucial, details of practice management, marketing, and running a business. You envision treating patients, performing procedures, and doing what you’ve trained for over the last several years.

However, owning a dental practice comes with numerous responsibilities to launch and grow your business. Learn how Med Rank Interactive’s partnership with Dental Intelligence can help dentists organize, grow, and improve their practice’s organization and profitability.

Med Rank Interactive is Now An Agency Partner with DI

Our goal as a dental marketing agency is to help our clients reach and convert more patients. In an effort to help practices achieve increased growth and improved organization, we have partnered with DI (Dental Intelligence).

Dental Intelligence software for dentists

Discover Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence (DI) provides dental software and tools to improve practice organization. Their goal is to finetune the practice management side of running your practice.

Who Is Dental Intelligence?

DI’s mission is to help dentists provide better dentistry, improve team performance, and enhance the profitability and production of the practice. The company aims to change lives and improve dental practice performance.

How Does It Work?

DI is your all-in-one toolkit for practice growth. DI connects to your existing practice management system and runs in the background to analyze aspects of your day. The software automates scheduling, finds ways to connect with current and past patients, and communicates analyses and findings through a user dashboard.

Everything is at your fingertips!

How Dental Intelligence Works for Dentists

As a dental practice owner, you understand the need for practice management software to schedule patients and maintain your calendar. However, DI can take your software to the next level for practice growth. 

How Can DI Help Grow Your Dental Practice?

Since Dental Intelligence integrates with your current software, you don’t need to worry about patients falling through the cracks, missing appointment requests, or managing how your team performs. 

The DI toolkit does the work for you in analyzing your day-to-day operations. Findings are available through an easy-to-use dashboard so you can see how your team is performing, where you are doing well, and what needs improvement.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Intelligence?

As mentioned, DI connects with your practice management software. It collects and analyzes your day-to-day information, tracking and automating details. All data is gathered and displayed through a dashboard offering you a better understanding of your practice and how to improve areas of your business, management, engagement, or communication.

Here are just a few advantages of using the toolkit from Dental Intelligence.

Improved Team Performance

DI offers clients full visibility into their everyday performance with treatments, procedures, and patient conversions and communication. These tools help practices train staff, track performance, and know which areas need improvement.

practice insight data from the Dental Intelligence software

Practice Insights

With the dashboard of information, dental practice owners gain a better understanding of how the practice is doing. The system shows areas and opportunities where the business could improve. This allows dentists to make data-driven decisions to grow their businesses.

The data shows information on patients, including new, current, recaptured, and inactive patients and the marketing channel that converted the patients. Progress and performance data is organized by each team member to show productivity. Additionally, information details the production and collections across each type of procedure or appointment.

Every aspect of your practice is analyzed across multiple avenues, patient type, staff performance, treatment type, marketing channel, and financial collections. This shows you exactly what is occurring in your business, what works, and what needs to change.

Improved Patient Communication

Med Rank Interactive also partners with LocalMed, another DI product.

LocalMed is an online scheduling platform that integrates with your current practice management and scheduling software. The software allows patients to request and schedule appointments through your website, social media, Google, or your listing with insurance plans or dental websites. 

Since LocalMed integrates efficiently with your current system, there is no need to worry about double-booking or missed appointment requests. As an added convenience for patients, they can schedule online from their phone, tablet, or computer while at home or at work. This allows them to schedule even after hours or on weekends, without anyone overlooking the appointment.

Increased Profitability

In addition to LocalMed, DI’s software helps you track current patients. You can see who needs appointments, who hasn’t scheduled their follow-ups, and who is overdue for an appointment. This improves patient care as you can stay on top of scheduling needs and help patients return to the office. Patients maintain better oral health care and dental practices improve their performance and profitability. 

Patients keep coming back, your schedule is full, and your production increases.

Med Rank Interactive partners with Dental Intelligence

How DI and Med Rank Interactive Work Together

As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to help dentists grow their businesses. Part of our commitment to increasing dental practice growth includes partnering with other agencies. This helps enhance other areas of the business for overall organization and improvement.

Marketing + Your Dental Toolkit

At Med Rank Interactive, we love to see dentists succeed. Marketing, practice analysis, and management software work together. The DI toolkit does the hard work for you to promote continuous growth. This frees up your time to do what you love (treating patients) so you spend less time on the tedious business details.

Marketing your practice goes beyond just having a website or social media account. It means staying on top of industry trends and ahead of your competitors. Having real-time data analyses to know how your team is performing and meeting patients’ needs helps you stay on top of your game. Online scheduling capabilities improve your patient interactions and boost conversions.

As your dental marketing team, we can also help you understand and track performance with real-time data from DI. This helps you capture more patients and close deals faster. The data from DI shows us new patient growth by treatment and production as well as by marketing channel (ex. website, social media, ads). This provides further insights in helping us understand which patient type and marketing channels are the most profitable.

Manage, Grow, and Improve Your Practice

Stay ahead of your competition. Make the most of our partnership with Dental Intelligence and watch your practice grow! 

Book a consultation with us today to learn how our digital marketing strategies can boost your online presence and convert more patients.