Lamar Hull featured on the QC Life WBTV News

Lamar Hull featured on the QC Life WBTV News

Recently, Med Rank Interactive’s CEO and Founder, Lamar Hull was on QC@3 to share tips on how to find a good healthcare provider during COVID.

This topic has become important over the past 12 months as healthcare consumer behaviors have changed due to the pandemic. 

According to the CDC, 4 in 10 adults in the US are postponing healthcare because of COVID related concerns. The CDC notes that this growing behavior is dangerous and urges people to find healthcare providers they can trust.

On the show, Lamar mentioned and explained 5 steps to finding a reliable medical care provider. 

1. Using Search Specific Keywords via Google – E.g. “dentist in Charlotte”

2. When searching in Google, skip the Google Ads.

3. Find the Local 3-pack, which shows Google My Business (GMB) profiles of healthcare providers and their customer reviews.

Local 3-pack, which shows Google My Business (GMB) profiles of dental practices in Concord Mills.

4. Analyze good and bad reviews and the practice’s responses. When you scroll through Google reviews, you should be able to tell if the company provides quality service and is customer-centred. 

A proactive and customer-centred company always responds to good and bad reviews humanely. In fact, the way a company responds to negative reviews says a lot about its character and values. 

By the way, some company’s pay for positive reviews but you can identify such reviews from the context of the review. When a review lacks depth (no description of the practice or the people), it could possibly be a paid review. On the contrary, reviews that describe the people at the practice, the type of service they received, and other parts of the process are likely genuine. However, you should read more reviews to check for the consistency of the practice in providing great service. 

5. Visit websites from GMB profiles to see the care providers’ COVID response and operation schedule.

The steps mentioned above are among the best ways for consumers to find medical care providers without leaving their homes. That means growth-focused healthcare providers must position themselves on the web to serve customers looking for healthcare services.

For a detailed explanation of the steps mentioned, visit QC life to watch the interview – it is 4 minutes, 38 seconds long.