Med Rank Interactive Considered One of The Best SEO Companies in Charlotte

med rank interactive best seo company in charlotte

Med Rank Interactive was cited as one of the best SEO companies in North Carolina in 2020 by MRI landed in the top 14 along with other distinguished SEO companies in Charlotte based on industry experience, market presence, client portfolio, certifications and authorship among other ranking considerations.

In addition, DesignRush lists Med Rank Interactive as a leading SEO company in Charlotte, NC. DesignRush compiles the best web design, marketing, and technology agencies across the country. Numerous websites and organizations have also acknowledged MRI as a leader in digital marketing in Charlotte and North Carolina.

Why MRI is Among the Best

Being recognized for excellence in the digital marketing field is no easy feat. It takes time and years to overcome adversities and adapt to the always-changing online ecosystem. That’s where Med Rank banks on experience and expertise in digital marketing.

med rank interactive leader in digital marketing

The Med Rank Experience

Med Rank Interactive has more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, specializing in search engine optimization, website development, social media marketing and reputation management.

MRI believes in the idea that every business should be visible online to be able to survive. A business will cease to exist if it isn’t visible. That is why Med Rank enables businesses to not just exist but to flourish by being visible online.

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. That’s exactly what we mean. Through the years, Med Rank has worked hard to find the best tools and strategies in digital marketing and has offered it to medical practices.

Med Rank Interactive Works with Reputable Businesses

By reputable, we work with those who value integrity in the conduct of how they serve their patients. That’s important for us. Because to be truly successful, one must have integrity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re small or just starting out. If you have the right reasons to do business, you will thrive. We’ll grow and reach success together. We’ll provide you with efficient, outstanding and up-to-date techniques in SEO and digital marketing.

Med Rank Interactive Focuses on Niche Marketing

We started from our parent company Organic Clicks, LLC, which provides companies in Charlotte that aren’t specifically a medical practice with the best SEO and digital marketing services. Med Rank, for that matter, is a product of Organic Clicks that focuses on a specific niche.

MRI understands the Healthcare Industry. We work with dentists, doctors, therapists, pharmacists among others in the field. We work with individual practices and independent physicians as well as multi-location medical practices

Our digital marketing strategies are geared towards excelling in the healthcare niche, so practices can expect that they can reach clients and patients more directly and effectively

Med Rank Interactive Specializes in Local SEO

med rank interactive local seo strategies
MRI has been in business for the past 10 years. We’ve seen what has worked and hasn’t. We’ve continually searched for the best tools and strategies with regards to optimizing our clients’ websites for the search engines. We always use the latest techniques in local SEO to help our clients grow.

Not only do we focus exclusively on the healthcare industry but we also focus on local SEO to get in front of our clients’ targeted audience. Focused Market + Identified Locality = Top Search Results. That’s our goal for medical and dental practices. To land on the first page of the search engines. More importantly, at the top the Google search results. Remember, the more visible you become online, the higher the online traffic you’ll get. This is an opportunity for your practice to convert leads into patients. 

Search engines are very intent-based and your patients are searching for your services when they need it. This type of interaction is intent-based as well as timely, which results in the highest conversions for the medical practices that we work with.

We are proud to be a certified Google Partner.

The MRI Difference

Dedicated to the Healthcare Industry

Med Rank’s efforts are targeted and focused on the medical field. Our digital marketing strategies are directed towards growing your medical practice. We want targeted patients to see you online as a reputable medical practice.

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, medical practice, pharmacist, or etc., we will provide you with the means to reach your targeted patients.

We Understand the Market

Med Rank doesn’t just implement strategies blindly, we work with your medical practice to understand what you really need and what your patients expect from you. We do a market analysis to see opportunities in your area. We analyze your competitors and develop a comprehensive strategy to compete with them at the highest level. Our drive is to capture leads for you and bring them to your doorsteps. 

Providing the Best Solutions

Because we are focused on the healthcare industry, we understand that market very well. Med Rank is always updated with the latest trends and technology in healthcare.

Local Healthcare SEO

Get ahead of the competition with our local SEO strategies that will land your practice atop of the Google search results. Our SEO case studies are specialized in the healthcare industry. We target keywords on your website to increase your organic search traffic. We maximize SEO elements so that search engines will find you.

Search Engine Marketing

MRI can manage your Paid Search campaigns with high-quality and targeted advertising. We work with your online advertising budget to make sure you get the highest ROI. We have tested strategies to launch effective ad campaigns.

Our ad strategies ensure effective visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs) because we know the right keywords that your users are searching for with regard to your medical practice.

We help our clients create offers for their ads to attract the right patient.

Website Designs

Your website represents your brand online. It’s like your online office that people visit. Just like your physical office, it should be welcoming, interesting and professional looking. It should exude the brand you want patients to see and appreciate.

We make websites geared towards attracting clients and search engines. We exemplify your brand so patients can see you as an expert and credible in your practice of expertise. We develop user and mobile-friendly websites so it’s easy to navigate for your clients. 

Our goal is to make your website interactive, fun, and engaging so that it speaks volumes about your brand and attracts your targeted patients to your practice.

Reputation Management

Med Rank builds reputable brands. It is important for your medical practice to be seen as credible and reliable. We’ll let you do what you do best as we establish a sound reputation in your online community.

What Others are Saying About MRI

Awards don’t mean anything if our clients aren’t satisfied with the services we provide them. They are our benchmark of success At the same time, they are our motivation to do our best.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us:  

“Med Rank Interactive has been huge for our growing practice. Hands down the best digital marketing agency we have worked with!” – Dr. Haynes, Modern Family Dental Care

“We love working with Med Rank. We are now the premier practice in Locust, NC. Highly recommended.” – Dr. Zeitouni, Locust Family Dentistry

“Med Rank has been absolutely terrific! I have been working with them for the past months and they have met and exceeded all of my expectations.” -Dr. Ahmad, Advanced Sports & Spine

Just like them, you can maximize your practice’s potential by working with us at Med Rank Interactive. We’ll let you experience first-hand what we do best, which is to provide you with the best and latest in digital marketing.

Reach Med Rank Interactive Today

If you’re a medical practice who’s looking to be visible online and to reach your patients, Med Rank Interactive can provide a customized solution for your practice.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us now at 980-217-1633 or schedule a free consultation.