Med Rank Interactive’s 2020 Year in Review

Med Rank Interactive’s 2020 Year in Review

2020 was quite a year, and not one anyone will soon forget. Amid a global pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the year brought a rollercoaster of emotions, events, and challenges. 

However, with it came bright moments as well. The challenges forced us to step outside of our comfort zones and think outside of the box. As 2020 came to a close, we took the time to reflect on the past year, our own growth, and the positive steps we have taken as a company.

Read on for Med Rank Interactive’s top moments in 2020.

1. Nominated as a Top Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Agency

Med Rank Interactive was nominated for Top Digital Marketing Agency in Charlotte 2020 and Top Rated SEO Agency in 2020. named Med Rank Interactive among the best SEO companies in Charlotte, an area noted for its competitive market both online and offline.

In addition, we made Feedspot’s list for the top healthcare marketing blogs, websites, and influencers for 2020 and 2021! Feedspot showcases content from blogs, podcasts, websites, and more in a single platform giving users direct access to the best marketers and professionals around the world. This speaks to Med Rank Interactive’s hard work in developing digital content for healthcare practices.

2. Brought on 11 New Healthcare Practices

At Med Rank Interactive, our goal is to help more clients navigate the digital world, generate new leads, and grow their practices. In 2020, we brought on 11 new healthcare practices! 

We work with dentists, orthodontists, doctors, and pharmacists, individual and multi-location practices. Our local SEO marketing strategies help our clients achieve better search engine rankings, turn leads into clients, and outperform their competitors. 

3. Started a Podcast

healthcare digital marketing podcast with lamar hall of med rank interactive

2020 was all about change and doing new things. We rolled with the changes and started our own healthcare digital marketing podcast.

Check out our podcasts to learn more about our SEO tips and digital marketing strategies. Through our series of podcasts, we chat with our clients, marketers, and healthcare professionals to discuss effective marketing, business, and practice management strategies and techniques.

Listen to our podcasts on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

4. Partnered with Provide to Offer Affordable Marketing for Dentists

2020 brought financial challenges to many, but marketing shouldn’t be one of them. 

Marketing and growing your new dental practice should be affordable! That’s why we partnered with Provide, a modern finance company for dentists. Through this partnership, Med Rank Interactive offers comprehensive digital marketing with proven SEO marketing techniques and services tailored to your dental practice’s needs.

Whether you are a new dentist practice owner or are opening a new practice location, we can help you grow the practice of your dreams. 

5. Started Offering 360 Virtual Tours

google 360 virtual tour for healthcare practices

From Zoom meetings to telemed / teledentistry, 2020 was the year of technology and virtual communication. It also brought about the need for virtual office tours to show off your practice and help patients get to know you. To meet that need, we started offering 360 virtual tours

With state-of-the-art “street view” mapping technology known as Google Street View Trusted, Med Rank Interactive’s photographers can capture multiple 360 views of your business. These images are compiled to create a 360 virtual tour of your practice enabling your business to be seen from anywhere in the world! 

Let our Google Trusted Photographers create your 360 virtual tour today so your patients can get a better feel for your business and your environment!

6. Helped Clients Achieve Successful Growth Numbers

organic research showing increased website traffic for doctors

There is nothing we like more than helping our clients grow their practices! Not only did we bring on new clients this year, but we also helped our dentists and doctors tackle the challenges they faced and helped them grow even through the unexpected turns 2020 presented.

We delivered efficient, outstanding work using effective digital healthcare marketing strategies that paid off for our clients. Using local SEO and marketing techniques such as targeted keywords, optimized content, social media, and digital advertisements, we can increase a client’s online visibility. This helps turn leads into patients and improves practice growth. 

7. Received Testimonials from Happy Clients

Even for a marketing company, a happy client is the best strategy any business can have. We are thankful for each and every client we have and work hard to help them achieve success. Check out the kind words from Dr. Haynes of Modern Family Dental Care regarding the customer service and marketing services he received from us.

8. Hired April Smith as Our Account Manager/Strategist

April Smith is a healthcare digital marketing account strategist for Med Rank Interactive

Welcome, April! April joins the Med Rank Interactive team as our account manager extraordinaire. She brings with her a talent for doing things well. As an accomplished cellist, April understands the value of dedication, time, and hard work. She devotes her time to any project from building websites to building tables. 

April works closely with clients to help them find their voices and bring their visions to life.

Start 2021 with the Top Digital Marketing Agency!

At Med Rank Interactive, we helped our clients roll with the punches and overcome the challenges of practice growth throughout 2020. Our 2020 year in review showed us the many top moments we have to be thankful for as we move forward into the new year.

Join us in welcoming 2021. Let Med Rank Interactive help you grow your healthcare practice with our advanced digital marketing strategies. Schedule your consultation today!