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Advanced Sports & Spine in Charlotte

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One of our clients, Advanced Sports & Spine in Charlotte, has been enjoying the fruit of our work. Through the help of our digital marketing campaigns in SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and reputation management, we are able to help independent medical and dental professionals to build a strong foundation for their online brands and book their calendars with quality new patients.

About Advanced Sports & Spine

Advanced Sports & Spine is a pain management practice in Charlotte, led by Dr. Usman Ahmad. Dr. Ahmad is a certified physiatrist and has undergone training in interventional pain management and sports medicine. It was at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital where he completed his residency training and at the Center for Advanced Pain Management and Rehabilitation in New Jersey where he completed a fellowship in musculoskeletal medicine and interventional pain management. 

Throughout his career as a board-certified physiatrist, Dr. Ahmad has acquired many achievements and affiliations from the pain management community. His work has also been published in various peer-reviewed medical journals. Aside from that, Dr. Ahmad is also a member of the International Spine Society, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, North Carolina Medical Society and American Medical Association

With Dr. Ahmad at the helm, Advanced Sports & Spine has become the premier destination for Charlotte patients who are suffering from various kinds of pain. Dr. Ahmad and his staff specialize in providing relief for patients who need help. 

Complete Pain Management Services

Advanced Sports & Spine provides complete pain management services for patients in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Ahmad is the number one choice for patients who are looking for relief to their body, neck, head, knee and joint pain.  

Dr. Ahmad uses interventional pain management treatments to solve the problems of his patients regarding pain. Effective treatment options such as trigger point injections, genicular neurotomy, occipital nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation as well as regenerative medicine like PRP and stem cell therapies are available for patients who want to get rid of pain without having surgery.

Dr. Usman Ahmad with Advanced Sports & Spine

The Challenge of Running an Independent Practice

In the beginning, Advanced Sports & Spin ran across some of the most common challenges that an independent practice can face. While Dr. Ahmad has years of proven expertise in the field of pain management, the Advanced Sports & Spine brand is a new practice. Like many other independent and start-up practices, Advanced Sports & Spine has to build its reputation in the Charlotte community to gain new patients.

However, with the help of our digital marketing services, Advanced Sports & Spine has seen tremendous growth. We use effective strategies in SEO, reputation management, paid campaigns and other digital marketing techniques to help Advanced Sports & Spine to further grow their medical practice.

Digital Marketing for Local Medical Practices

Our digital marketing strategies cater to small and large local and independent medical and dental practices. We believe that with proper plan and execution, these independent medical and dental practices can actually compete with the bigger names in the healthcare industry.

We utilize every means possible to help local practices grow their brand online. With our SEO techniques, we are able to drive more targeted traffic to the website of Advanced Sports & Spine. We add SEO elements through keyword research to come up with page content and blog posts that can rank higher in search engine results.

Aside from that, we also help set up and manage profiles for Dr. Ahmad’s medical practice all across the Internet, and that includes social media profiles and his Google My Business listing

Our digital marketing strategies also include paid campaigns. We utilize Google and FB Ads to further boost our SEO rankings along with the organic traffic that we drive to his website. We understand how paid campaigns and organic search work hand in hand and this helps us fully reap the benefits of paid ads and on-page SEO.

With all these online efforts, we are able to help Advanced Sports & Spine grow in Charlotte. Proof of this is that Dr. Ahmad now gets 10 – 20 new patients every month compared to the challenges that he had when running his own practice in its early stages.

Aside from that, Advanced Sports & Spine has been outranking its competitors in the search results. Through localized keywords, Advanced Sports & Spine was able to make it to the top of the search engine rankings for keywords like “stem cell therapy charlotte nc,”  “regenerative medicine charlotte nc” and more.

With this, more people can discover Advanced Sports & Spine on the Internet, and this leads to more patients choosing Dr. Ahmad for pain management treatments.


Advanced Sports & Spine regenerative medicine charlotte

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