The Power of Infographics for Healthcare Marketing

the power of infographics for healthcare digital marketing

Think about the last time you were scrolling through your social media news feed or even through data on a website. More than likely, you slowed down for images or bright colors and scrolled through barely scanning the text. 

With eye-catching images and colors that pop, infographics continue to grow in popularity and usage for digital content. From catching your readers’ attention to creating a call to action, discover the impact infographics can have on your digital marketing strategies.

Read on to learn more about the power of infographics in healthcare digital marketing.

benefits of infographics for healthcare marketing

Understanding Infographics

The amount of data available online increases every second. Using an infographic is a way to make sure your content gets the attention it deserves. Although well-written content continues to be important, images are gaining stem as they are increasingly visible.

What Is an Infographic?

An infographic is a type of graphic used to showcase visual content. It compiles information, data, and knowledge in a visual format that is easy to process. The data is put together using graphics to enhance the reader’s visual processing and the ability to see patterns and trends.

The infographic design is a self-contained picture that gives the reader the gist of the content in an attractive, eye-catching way.

Lineberger Orthodontics infographic on early orthodontic treatment

Why Should You Use Infographics?

It only takes the average reader a few seconds or minutes to process written content. However, MIT researchers discovered that online users can process visual information in 13 milliseconds. Visual representations of the content are great for conveying large or complicated data. 

Healthcare Communication for the Digital Age

For healthcare professionals, pictures are used to inform patients of conditions, pathologies, and procedures. Infographics are a powerful tool and an innovative means for communicating medical information and making it more accessible to patients.

What Are the Benefits of Infographics?

An infographic showcases content in an easy-to-digest format. Not everyone has time to read a lengthy article. Infographics are a great way to supplement your written content. It gives context to content which makes complex information easier to understand.

Visual Platforms

According to information compiled by 3M, we can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!

This should come as no surprise. Written content has its place, but illustrations and designs are a way to increase engagement. Data can sound boring, even if we know the information it contains is anything but dull. Infographics allow the user to process information visually, attracting users who may not have read the data in another format.

social sharing of infographics as a digital marketing strategy

Social Sharing

Social media is the new word of mouth. People share interesting and important facts with their friends, family members, and social groups. From memes and cartoons to data and news, it is simple to click the share button and make a post go viral.

Data visualizations such as images, icons, charts, and maps connect better with users on social media than written content does. Infographics are a smart play to grow your audience and gain attention. 

They are also a way to drive traffic to your website. When you create an infographic, be sure to embed branded links in your infographic and feature the infographic on its own page. No matter how someone comes across your content, the infographic will drive them to the website where they can then search and learn more about you.

Build Your Brand

As your content begins to appear across the internet, new users or followers will get to know your practice and your brand. Your visuals and graphics will gain a larger audience and build your authority in your field.

How Can You Use Infographics for My Healthcare Practice?

A well-designed infographic is a great marketing tool. Just make sure it is the correct way to tell (or sell) your story. Medical and dental professionals can use visuals to reach their patients and target audiences on a new level.

The Role of Infographics in Healthcare Digital Marketing

Medical information, which often seems complex or difficult to digest, can be presented in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand manner. This enhances a patient’s decision-making abilities and may improve the doctor-patient relationship.

The concept of using graphics to present information is not new. However, now we can take large amounts of complex information and present it in short clips with images, pie charts, and designs. The content is easier to comprehend.

Additionally, infographics are a way to overcome language barriers with your audience. Pictures, symbols, and colors are more universally understood.

infographics improve SEO

Are Infographics Good for SEO?

Infographics represent your message in an effective, visually pleasing manner. They hold your reader’s attention. When combined with other web elements, they contribute to higher search engine rankings

Infographics that are well-designed and executed can take your digital marketing to the next level. Infographics that delve into complex content or current events in a way that provides value will gain attention from other brands and influencers. Others may then link to your site.

Build Backlinks with Infographics

Link-building gives your website a boost. As more high-ranking websites link to your website, the more importance search engines will place on your site. The more links you have, the higher your website appears in search results thus increasing the organic traffic you receive.

Backlinks are one of the deciding factors in where you rank in search engines.

Because humans are highly visual, infographics are a great way to reach your audience. Because they are highly shareable and easy to digest, your visual representations of content are an easy way to attract backlinks and grow your website.

Embed Code with Infographics for Backlinks

embed code for Lineberger Orthodontics infographic

By posting your infographic on your website, you can embed a code along with it. This bit of code allows someone else to copy and paste the code onto their own website to share the content. 

This gives you some control and ensures you get credit for the content. The embed code also provides a backlink and boosts traffic to your website.

Lineberger Orthodontics infographic on using insurance for orthodontic treatment

Interested in Infographics for Your Medical or Dental Practice?

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