Why LocalMed is the Best Scheduling App for Dentists

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Nowadays, people go online for everything – concert tickets, groceries, clothing, hotel bookings, and medical and dental appointments. This is just how it works with the digital age. This is why dental practices need to provide the best scheduling app to potential patients.  If you have your own dental practice, you should set up your online system to use LocalMed’s online booking platform. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of potential patients.

Dental practitioners have frowned upon online scheduling, which is not surprising considering how many tools in the past have resulted in double-booked appointments, fake information, and a ton of follow-up work.  But, that’s not the case with LocalMed and it’s a fully automated platform.

  • No more follow-up emails, calls, and messages.
  • No workarounds.
  • No double or triple booked schedules.
  • No delay in reading or writing schedules.

LocalMed helps your dental practice increase appointment conversions by giving patients the best experience in online booking.

How exactly does LocalMed do this?

It’s easy and simple. LocalMed provides patients the ability to schedule their appointment with you in realtime, 24/7.

This platform is absolutely free for your patients to use. They can find a schedule online for their dental appointments. Patients don’t have to create an account to book an appointment. The whole process is simple.

LocalMed can connect with your dental practice’s management system or PMS. It will display the schedules that are available as well as fill them. All these are done in real-time. Patients don’t have to request for an appointment. They will be able to book one and that will be uploaded automatically into your clinic’s schedule. Here are some of the PMS that are supported by LocalMed:

  1. Abeldent
  2. Dentrix
  3. Dentrix Enterprise
  4. Denticon
  5. Dolphin
  6. Eaglesoft
  7. EasyDental
  8. OpenDental
  9. OrthoTrac
  10. SoftDent
  11. Tracker

Don’t Miss Out on Potential Clients

Is your website equipped with an online dental scheduling app like LocalMed? Do people need to fill out a form, send you an email, or pick up the phone to schedule an appointment? If you haven’t set up a schedule planner, you are getting seriously left behind.

You need to automate your entire process. The truth is this – people need instant gratification. Your clients won’t likely wait an entire day for your reply. They will look for another dentist that is available and can accommodate them immediately. A digital dental scheduling platform responds to that need. It starts patients right away without requiring you or your staff to do anything.

A recent study published by Accenture showed that by the end of this year 66 percent of healthcare companies will have set up an online scheduling system, and more than 60 percent of clients will have used these self-booking tools to book their healthcare appointments.

These appointments roughly translate to over $3.2 billion in income. The same study suggests that healthcare companies need to keep up with these technological changes because digital technology will continue to change how healthcare companies do business.

Why Patients Prefer Booking an Appointment Online?

There are many factors as to why patients would rather book a schedule online rather than going the old-fashioned route of calling for an appointment. Here are some of the top reasons why you should make online booking available for your patients to increase appointment conversions.

Appointments can be Made Anytime

Many people who want to make an appointment but don’t have the time to do so. They can’t do it after or before work because you have the same office hours as them.

With online appointments, they can do it after work or before they leave for work. Basically, they can do it anytime that is convenient for them. Besides, many services are already available online such as restaurant reservations, car rentals, or hotel bookings. People are used to booking appointments online. 

Phone Calls Can be Frustrating

Imagine dialing several numbers for a dental clinic to set an appointment and no one answers. Anyone would be frustrated with that. Many patients even experience getting a voicemail instead. Such problems will definitely affect your attempts to increase appointment conversions.

LocalMed gives the best patient experience because people trying to set an appointment never have to experience wasting time over the phone. They no longer have to suffer being put on hold and other problems that come with the old-fashioned route of booking an appointment.

People Do Almost Everything Online

What people like is being in control of their time. With online appointments, they can look at your clinic’s available schedule and choose from that. They don’t have to verbally explain to someone what their schedule is. Waiting time will also no longer be an issue. As soon as they choose the schedule that fits them best, that will be locked in for them.

Why LocalMed is the Best Scheduling App for Dentists

Why is LocalMed the Best Schedule App for Your Dental Practice?

Unlike other scheduling platforms, LocalMed offers a powerful and reliable booking software that seamlessly integrates and writes your appointments directly into your management systems. Unlike other platforms, this software is specifically designed for dental practices. Right now, it’s one – if not the most – affordable scheduling tools online, and it’s the best calendar app for dentists.

There is a vast list where LocalMed works including service websites, such as; Facebook, Instagram, Google, laptops, tablets, phones, and much more. Patients can access it through their laptops, tablets, and phones. Wherever you choose to put LocalMed, your patients will be able to view the open schedules and book an appointment in real-time, any day of the week.

Be careful with using other apps. You want a software that can automate everything for you, so you won’t have to confirm and enter appointments into the system manually. Fortunately, LocalMed is capable of integrating into your system fully. It automates the entire appointment process for both you and your patients, and it creates a custom profile for your clients.

LocalMed takes your patients’ privacy quite seriously. The software ensures HIPAA compliance and guarantees that your patient’s personal information is secured and protected.  Your patients can also pick the office location they prefer to visit and the type of dental treatment they need. The software accommodates varying needs, and it is a huge help in growing your practice. The whole point of using LocalMed is to make it easy for your patients to schedule an appointment with your office.

It is like having someone in your office, as it can easily get integrated into your PMS and allow your patients to schedule appointments accurately. You need not worry about double bookings and other problems.

You can add the “Schedule Now” or “24/7 Online Booking” button to your website. It will make things easy for patients to view providers, choose a location, compare availabilities and book confirmed appointments. Also, patients can schedule their appointment by simply visiting localmed.com, Google, Facebook, or various dental directories on LocalMed’s partner sites. LocalMed’s main aim is to provide patients real-time scheduling capabilities anywhere they are trying to book their dental appointment online.

People who book appointments with LocalMed are not limited by what the front desk person mentions on the phone. It is a very convenient option for them. After a patient books an appointment, you should make sure to call them as having a personal touch on the phone will decrease your no-show rate.

LocalMed is rapidly expanding its services. Here are some few cities where they are currently providing services:

  • Austin, TX
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • New York, NY
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA

Other Benefits of LocalMed Scheduling Software

Aside from the convenience of online appointments, a booking calendar app can find more leads for you. This can give you access to potential clients who do not have time to schedule an appointment.

Generally, people book their dental appointments after business hours. Without scheduling software, you can lose potential patients who prefer to book their appointments when it’s most convenient for them. This means you could lose a patient to practices that allow patients to book appointments online and after work hours.

Remember that over 50 percent of your patients are likely to use their mobile phone to schedule an appointment with your office. Make sure to provide them the best calendar app and give them a seamless and smooth appointment process so that your practice can grow.


LocalMed can help increase appointment conversions because it can give patients the best experience when it comes to setting a dental appointment. They don’t have to talk to someone over the phone to work out the best schedule for them.

Patients can simply look at the open dates and times that are available and choose. They will be happy and satisfied with how fast and convenient it is to schedule an appointment with your clinic. It is a sure way to increase appointment conversions.

At Med Rank Interactive, we highly recommend all of the dental practices that we work with to use LocalMed to see an increase in new patients.